Release Notes

Seldon Deploy Release Notes

Seldon Deploy 2.0.0

30 November 2022

Breaking Changes

  • KFServing runtime support removed

    • Only affects the use of inference services which are no longer supported

What’s New

  • Seldon Core v2 runtime support added

    • Additional features extending all current functionality

      • Multi-model serving

      • Model over commit

  • Updated and improved UI

  • Usage monitoring updated

    • Based on Max model count

  • Model catalogue updated for

    • Drift detectors

    • Outlier detectors

    • Metric servers

Seldon Deploy 1.6.0

16 August 2022

What’s New

  • UI theme and dashboard update

  • Model based usage tracking

  • Model catalog updated with explainer artifacts

  • Structured logging for Deploy server

  • Groups and Users can be configured from within Deploy, when using Keycloak

  • Huggingface runtime support

  • Feature level drift detection and highlighted insights

  • Explanations dashboard improvements

  • Request logging performance improvements with bulk updates

  • Experimental Kafka support for payload logging

Bug fixes

  • Fix for explanations not being reproducible

  • Fix for incorrect payload logs from models with overlapping names in same namespace

  • Fix for incorrect default anchor threshold in explanations UI

  • Fix for UI temporarily showing created deployments in wrong namespace

  • Fix for UI not allowing the removal of filters on feature distributions view

Seldon Deploy 1.5.1

16 May 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fix for a UI regression bug affecting imagePullSecrets

Seldon Deploy 1.5.0

25 March 2022

Breaking Changes

  • Bucket secrets will NOT be usable from UI by default until they are labelled correctly, see upgrading

  • Default Minio secret name has changed, see upgrading

  • Use of Istio policies requires appropriate JWTs/policy setup

  • Support for KFServing now behind feature flag

  • For the feature distributions functionality the request logs will have to be re-indexed, see upgrading

What’s New

  • Secrets for bucket access and private Docker registries can now be managed directly in Deploy

  • Various improvements around error reporting, including:

    • InitContainer logs are now accessible for both the deployment and explainer when a Seldon Core deployment is not in the “Ready” status

    • Correctly report the status of advanced monitoring components while they are still being created

    • Deployments that fail to initialise correctly will report “Failed” status rather than perpetual “Creating”

  • Node level logging for Seldon Graph components

  • Ansible install for Seldon Deploy for trial installations or as reference

  • Added reference configurations for production installations of Deploy

  • Automatic management of Istio policies for direct model access to Seldon Core deployments, continuously synchronised with Deploy’s authorization policies

  • Authentication of seldon-core requests

  • Improved outlier detection dashboard performance

  • Request payload display improved for categorical features

  • Added support for partial string matching in model metadata queries, using % operator

  • Make Elasticsearch logs index patterns configurable

  • Improved drift detection dashboard and metrics monitoring

Bug fixes

  • Fix for model resource usage metrics not displaying correctly

  • Fix for explanation page crash upon zero anchor examples

  • Fix for drift detection chart having incorrect timestamp grid-lines

  • Fix for batch processing URI becoming malformed with duplicate “/” characters

  • Fix for returned namespaces list not being deterministic, now returned alphabetically

Seldon Deploy 1.4.1

11 November 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fix for missing Detectors API parameters in swagger spec

  • Fix for missing Detectors API parameters in Seldon Deploy SDK

Seldon Deploy 1.4.0

18 October 2021

What’s New

  • Alerting framework with ability to notify external providers (Pagerduty/Opsgenie/etc) of problems with Deploy/Models

  • API endpoints for managing OPA based policies

  • Feature distributions comparisons against reference data

  • Optional audit logging on every request to Seldon Deploy with configurable storage setup

  • Micro-batching functionality added to batch processor

  • Drift detection metrics storage and improved monitoring dashboard

  • Auth code flow added for authentication using Seldon Deploy SDK

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Request Logger auth problem

  • Fix for Detector (Outlier, Drift, Metrics) Trigger filtering issue

Seldon Deploy 1.3.0

9 July 2021

What’s New

  • Feature Distributions Monitoring

  • Policy Based Authorization (experimental)

  • Deploying Models from Model Catalog

  • Advanced query functionality for Model Metadata

  • Prediction Schema support for Model Metadata

  • Extended support for storage buckets using Rclone

  • KFServing V2 protocol based explanations

  • Env secret configuration for Seldon Deployments

  • Support for client credentials grant auth using Seldon Deploy SDK

Bug fixes

  • Fix for resource monitoring charts being duplicated for transformers and model containers

  • Fix for invalid path when sending requests to MLServer deployments

  • Fix for 50/50 canary traffic split causing Promote/Remove buttons to disappear

  • Fix for long user group list causing overflow on About page

Seldon Deploy 1.2.1

3 June 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fix for higher than expected CPU load when Model Catalog is enabled.

Seldon Deploy 1.2.0

26 April 2021

Breaking Changes

  • Moving detectors to user namespace (see upgrading)

What’s New

  • Model metadata store and catalog

  • Seldon Deploy server prometheus metrics

  • Secrets for detector components

  • Improved Gitops for kubernetes 1.18+

  • Improved Triton support in wizard

  • Oauth2 debugging documentation and testing tools

Bug fixes

  • Fix for unexpected logout for group-restricted namespace

  • Fix for SeldonDeployment without componentSpecs section not accessible in UI

Seldon Deploy 1.1.2

17 March 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fix for outlier, drift and metrics server artefacts not being accessible from private buckets.

Seldon Deploy 1.1.0

10 February 2021

What’s New

  • Updated UI design

  • Added both parameters and environment vars in wizard

  • Added configurable runAsUser for detector components

  • Added basic auth Elasticsearch creds

  • Added active OpenAPI docs

  • Added ability for not having to use clusterwide access

Bug fixes

  • Fix for using input/output transformers

  • Fix for needing ID Token Hint to the OIDC logout request

Seldon Deploy 1.0.0

27 November 2020

Breaking Changes

  • Changes to the configuration (see upgrading)

What’s New

  • Drift detection analytics

  • Batch inference processing

  • Image explanations for Alibi explainer

  • Seldon Core version 1.5.0 support

  • kfserving version 0.4.1 support

  • Kubeflow version 1.2 support

  • OAuth annotations to Swagger spec

  • Multitenancy support

Bug fixes

  • Fix for metrics graph problems on Firefox

Seldon Deploy 0.9.0

6 November 2020

Breaking Changes

  • Seldon Deploy now requires activation with a valid licence

What’s New

  • Usage Monitoring for user deployments

  • Improved Outlier secrets handling

  • Support for new versions of Istio and Knative

  • Support for Seldon Core v1.4.0

  • Data science metrics monitoring

  • Improved outlier detection chart

Bug fixes

  • Fix for not being able to filter predictor field for resource monitoring queries

  • Fix for KFServing crd validation failures

  • Fix for Prometheus disk storage issues

Seldon Deploy 0.8.2

23 October 2020

Bug fixes

Seldon Deploy 0.8.1

28 September 2020

What’s New

  • Added secure flag for auth cookies on the browser

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect CPU/Memory metrics for additional predictors

  • Supporting modified content-type headers behind reverse proxies

Seldon Deploy 0.8.0

8 September 2020

Breaking Changes

  • The sd-install script is now called sd-install-default. Or for a kubeflow install there’s sd-install-kubeflow.

  • There are also helm chart values file changes. See upgrading section.

What’s New

  • Option to use SSH for git credentials via secret (see upgrading)

  • New navigation sidebar

  • Adding resource parameter option for token exchange to support ADFS/azure auth

  • Adding resource_urn to auth code url

  • Expose req logger replicas

  • Adding theme customization for deploy UI (whitelabelling support)

  • Reorganising sd install scripts

  • Add mldeployments tag description to API spec

  • Adding auth check for websocket events

  • Adding logging to auth flow

  • Updating seldon-core dependency to v1.2.3

  • Updating swagger docs urls

  • Add optional loadbalancersourceranges to helm chart

  • Upgrading kfserving to v0.4.0 in default setup

  • Adding support for SSH Key Access for Gitops

Bug fixes

  • Adding Fluentd labels to inferenceservice deployments for logs

  • Filtering websocket data in context and updating namespaces selection

  • Avoid user needing global git config

Seldon Deploy 0.7.0

7 July 2020

Breaking Changes

  • There are some helm chart values file changes. See upgrading section.

What’s New

  • Support for openshift.

  • Configurable request forms for installs with different cluster/ingress types (e.g. openshift).

  • Remove/change file functionality during payload upload.

  • Primary Request Logger in seldon-logs namespace.

Bug fixes

  • Knative prometheus port conflict fixed.

Seldon Deploy 0.6.2

24 June 2020

Bug fixes

  • App level auth redirect issue

Seldon Deploy 0.6.1

27 May 2020

Bug fixes

  • Limit on auth cookie size

  • Support token-based Elasticsearch auth

  • Restructuring application paths and in-app navigation

  • Install fails if kubeflow user and password missing

  • Issue with env variables missing on canary promotion

  • Resources prometheus can be different from requests prometheus

Seldon Deploy 0.6.0

22 April 2020

Breaking Changes

  • New request logging update

  • New gitops repository folder structure

What’s New

  • Outlier Detection Configuration and Monitoring

  • App-level authentication with OIDC

  • Tensorflow protocol for Seldon deployments

  • MLFlow pre-packaged server in the deployment wizard

  • Kubernetes pods and logging

  • Displaying sync status for gitops namespaces

  • New requests and resources monitoring dashboard

  • Bitbucket support for gitops

Bug fixes

  • Infinite loading if no valid labeled namespace was found

  • No deployments were displayed if at least one was faulty

Seldon Deploy 0.5.2

17 March 2020

Bug fixes

  • Browser timezone fix