User Authentication

Currently, Seldon Deploy SSO can be configured in two ways.

App-level Auth

App-level auth is where a request to Seldon Deploy is checked for an auth token and if that is missing then Deploy redirects to the auth system.

Deploy uses OIDC and can be integrated to OIDC auth systems.

Kubeflow Gateway Auth

In the Kubeflow architecture, the auth is done at gateway level before reaching Deploy or any other apps:


This ‘existing_arrikto’ architecture uses an Envoy filter in Istio to run all requests through a check for an auth token, performed by the OIDC AuthService. If no token is available then the user is sent to dex to login and obtain a token.

LDAP, or another external identity provider, can be used as per the existing_arrikto example and in line with the dex documentation.

In order to enforce restrictions, namespaces for Seldon Deploy are labelled as restricted or unrestricted and with the operations that groups can perform on them. See the namespace setup documentation for further details.