Production Installation

Custom installation crafted to your needs

Modular installation that allows for fully configurable installation of Seldon Deploy.

Components overview

Recommended installation order:

  1. Seldon Deploy

  2. Ingress Controller

  3. PostgreSQL

  4. Observability & Alerting with Prometheus

  5. Seldon Core v1

  6. Seldon Core v2

  7. App Level Authentication with OIDC provider (optional)

  8. Minio (optional)

  9. Audit logging (optional)

  10. Knative (optional)

  11. Elasticsearch / Opensearch (optional)

  12. ML data & event logging with Elasticsearch (optional)

  13. GitOps setup with ArgoCD (optional)

  14. Argo Workflows (optional)

  15. Authorization (optional)


Before starting the installation procedure, please download installation resources as explained here and make sure that all pre-requisites are satisfied.