Upgrading to 1.1.0ΒΆ

  • The helm values file now has an option to set user and password for basic auth to Elastic. For more information, see the request logger documentation.

  • The recommended prometheus settings have now changed to improve performance. We suggest uninstalling the prometheus helm chart and installing with the below changes.

    • See the metrics page for the full helm values.

    • The parts that have changed are:

      • prometheus.server.livenessProbePeriodSeconds is now 30

      • prometheus.server.extraArgs has been added with entries query.max-concurrency: 400 and storage.remote.read-concurrent-limit: 30

      • prometheus.server.resources.limits now has cpu: 2 and memory: 4Gi

      • prometheus.server.resources.requests now has cpu: 800m and memory: 1Gi

    • Remove analytics with helm delete -n seldon-system seldon-core-analytics.

    • Install again using the instructions

  • The recommended Seldon Deploy helm values have changed slightly to improve performance. Set the following:

    • resources.limits should now have cpu: 800m and memory: 800Mi

  • A further change to the Seldon Deploy helm values is the addition of a configuration for the runAsUser for Knative pods started by Deploy:

    defaultUserID: "8888"