Seldon Enterprise Platform

Seldon Enterprise Platform provides oversight and governance for machine learning (ML) deployments.

It is built atop leading open-source tools including Seldon Core and Alibi.

  • Deploy ML models easily using industry-leading, open-source projects

  • Ensure reproducible deployments and rollbacks with GitOps

  • Release models with confidence via canaries and shadows

  • Inspect model predictions using Alibi explainers

  • Apply advanced monitoring to model inferences

Seldon Core

Seldon Core is a cloud-agnostic, open-source platform for deploying machine learning models.

  • Deploy models in the cloud or on-premise

  • Create powerful inference graphs

  • Unify heterogeneous ML toolkits under one serving layer

See the Seldon Core documentation for further details.

Technology Stack


Architecture Overview

For further information, please refer to the detailed Architecture pages.



Alibi is an open-source Python toolkit for understanding models. Alibi Detect offers drift and outlier detection, while Alibi Explain provides model inspection and interpretation.

  • Provide high quality reference implementations of black-box ML model explanation algorithms

  • Define a consistent API for interpretable ML methods

  • Support multiple use cases (e.g. tabular, text and image data classification, regression)

  • Implement the latest model explanation, concept drift, algorithmic bias detection and other ML model monitoring and interpretation methods