Release Notes

Seldon Enterprise Platform Release Notes

Seldon Enterprise Platform Advanced 2.2.1

14 March 2024

Bug fixes

  • Fix for skipVerifyHttpCalls setting not disabling certificate verification for license usage checker

Seldon Enterprise Platform Advanced 2.2.0

29 February 2024

Breaking Changes

  • Removed the Theme Customization feature and will no longer be reflected in the UI

  • Updated response status codes in detector, distributions, drift metrics, load-test, monitoring, outlier metrics, pipelines, inference requests, model and requests APIs

  • Changed the backend API to return 400 Bad Request for non-decodable payloads

  • Limited the model project length to 50 characters in the deployment wizard

What’s new


  • Rebranded Seldon Deploy to Seldon Enterprise Platform


  • Allowed Seldon Enterprise Platform to operate in multi-namespace mode without cluster-wide RBAC

  • Introduced a shared bulk indexer in Metronome, increasing the write speed of request logging and reducing the memory footprint(requires ES)

  • Added and exposed a setting in Metronome for controlling the max interval for flushing inference requests

  • Increased the default ClientGo rate limits and provided config options for tuning the request load to the K9s api-server

  • Enabled batch inference with multiple files

  • Allowed CPU and Memory requirements to be specified for Batch Jobs

  • Introduced a configuration for setting the max number of logs in Metronome

  • Introduced programmatic retrieval in bulk of inference logs and exposed a configuration for setting the max number of payloads per request

  • Allowed specifying Model URIs for deployments using custom MLServer runtimes and make it optional for HuggingFace ones

  • Added a separate claim key to be read as user identity for configurable service accounts

Usability & User Interface

  • Added an Availability status breakdown for Seldon Deployments(SCv1) and Pipelines(SCv2)

  • Changed default monitoring window from 1 week to 1 hour in the Monitor page

  • Added units for the load test parameters

  • Open Inference Protocol Template rendering in Seldon Enterprise Platform

  • Improved layout of drift detector configuration for small screens

  • Inference response status is color-coded according to its return code (2XX, 4XX or 5XX)

  • Support filtering of models that use Core 2 in the Requests dashboard

  • Improved chart labels, tooltips, filters, responsiveness and other UI elements

  • Introduced default values for explainer hyperparameters

  • Enabled computation of explainers from the Predict page for Seldon Deployments(SCv1)

  • Show secrets management dropdown for models using custom MLServer runtimes

Authentication and Authorization

  • Only authorized users can create models in the default project

  • Added new message type for unauthorized actions to disambiguate them from processing failures

Other Improvements

  • Improved and surfaced many more descriptive error messages and notifications

  • Improved performance when reading raw batch inference logs payloads

  • Improved visibility of Batch Jobs and Reference Jobs statuses

  • Improved frontend validation on deployment, canary and shadow wizards

  • Improved explanation for the SHAP hyperparameter setup

  • Improved backend validation of empty JSON for inference requests payloads

  • Improved the responsiveness of the side panel

  • Set the needed GPUs to 0 in the deployment wizard by default

  • Make security context values optional for batch jobs

  • Clean up remaining KNative resources after deleting a deployment

  • Clean up a pipeline(SCv2) with no models

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for multiple CVEs in downstream dependencies

  • Fix for incorrectly disabling the Next button in deployment wizard when defining setting more than 1 minimum replica

  • Fix for incorrectly logging out a user when creating models in projects they don’t have access to

  • Fix for incorrectly returning duplicated model URIs in the list runtime metadata endpoint

  • Fix for incorrectly showing dirty GitStatus in About page

  • Fix for an incorrect positioning of the live requests chart

  • Fix for an incorrect reference data job status

  • Fix for a rendering problem of canary and shadow deployments’ wizards

  • Fix for a rendering problem when a detector’s metadata was selected

  • Fix for ensuring the deployment dashboard can show “Unavailable” status

  • Fix for preventing the Next button to be active in deployment wizard when a deployment name is invalid

  • Fix for a broken preview toggle when deleting a deployment

  • Fix for showing only part of the error message of model failures

  • Fix for showing an incorrect Seldon Core icon in the Resources page

  • Fix for the Explain button of an inference response incorrectly becoming disabled for Pipelines(SCv2)

  • Fix for an incidental crash of the Resources page when viewing a failed Seldon Deployment(SCv1)

  • Fix for a non-updating Dashboard monitor widget

  • Fix for a duplicated main model data for canaries in the Dashboard page

  • Fix for a missing environment secret variable not being added to deployments

Seldon Enterprise Platform Advanced 2.1.1

16 June 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fix for detector status not being displayed in the UI

Seldon Enterprise Platform Advanced 2.1.0

9 June 2023

Breaking Changes

  • SDK API usage for SCv1 GitOps rollback endpoint changed from GET to POST

What’s New

  • Use of Istio is now optional

    • Support for multiple service mesh implementations

    • Reference install process updated for different profiles

  • Product tier system

    • Product now supports Advanced and Teams tiers

  • SHAP Explanations support for both SCv1 and SCv2 runtimes

  • Secrets management for SCv2 resources

  • Support for custom (Python) models for SCv2 runtime

  • Healthcheck dashboard for installed dependencies

  • TLS and SASL support for Kafka in SCv2 and Metronome

  • GitOps support updated for SCv2 resources

  • Additional support for configuring image-pull-secrets for custom images

  • Request dashboard pagination improvements

  • PKCE support for OAuth2 auth code flow

  • Metadata side panel for advanced monitoring components

  • Improved configuration for SCv1 batch jobs workflow

  • Improved Anchor explanations dashboard

  • Label-based authz is disabled when OPA is enabled

Bug fixes

  • Fix for UI receiving events not using OPA policies

  • Fix for model catalogue endpoints not using OPA policies

  • Fix for loadtest bug with v2 protocol payload

  • Fix for loadtest not being able to upload a file from SDK

  • Fix for Batch Requests for SCv2 pipelines not accessible from Deployment Dashboard

  • Fix for SCv1 explainer projects not synced to model catalogue

  • Fix for explainer project annotations not removed from SDeps on explainer deletion

  • Fix for SCv1 Batch Jobs not supporting feedback method

  • Fix for deployment memory & CPU usage Prometheus recording rules; requires update of existing Prometheus recording rules

  • Fix for secret creation modal dialog not resetting on close

  • Fix for explainer model status and pipeline status not showing properly

  • Fix for predict endpoint requiring more permissions than it needed

Seldon Enterprise Platform Advanced 2.0.2

15 February 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fix for no access to Core v1 deployments when user does not have access to all projects in a namespace.

  • Fix for not checking access to existing resources when updating Core v1 deployments.

  • Fix for being able to update Core v1 deployments with only read access to relevant projects.

  • Fix for being able to view model metadata with only write access to relevant projects.

  • Fix for authorization policies with project globbing not applying to the model catalogue.

  • Fix for model metadata not being displayed in deployment dashboards for Core v1 custom runtimes.

  • Fix for Core v2 models sometimes displaying the wrong metadata in the deployment dashboard when the same storage URI appears in multiple projects.

Seldon Enterprise Platform Advanced 2.0.1

30 January 2023

What’s New

  • Memory resource allocation for explainers

  • Memory limits for Core v2 monitoring components

  • Endpoints for Core v2 experiments and models to show git logs and git diffs

  • Core v2 pipeline traffic percentages visible in UI

  • GitOps support for git protocol multi-ACKs, required for providers like Azure DevOps

  • Allow adding explainers and detectors to projects

  • Improve coverage of resources in the reference config

Bug fixes

  • Fix for loadtest jobs not deleting

  • Fix for rendering issues on Drift Detection dashboard

  • Fix for missing deployment information on Batch Jobs screen

  • Fix for incorrectly handling long deployment names in overview

  • Fix for alerts not rendering the list correctly

  • Fix for Core v2 explainer statuses not being up to date

  • Fix for crashing navigation from Requests to Model Catalog

  • Fix for not being able to run explanations on batch requests

  • Fix for Anchor image explainers not becoming ready on SCv2

  • Fix for not handling invalid JSON in Predict page

  • Fix for not allowing node/predictor filter selections to be cleared

  • Fix for server continuing startup without an OIDC provider available when application authentication is enabled

  • Fix for Core v2 Text Data explanations not working

  • Fix for feature names not appearing on explanation screen for Core v2

Seldon Enterprise Platform Advanced 2.0.0

30 November 2022

Breaking Changes

  • KFServing runtime support removed

    • Only affects the use of inference services which are no longer supported

What’s New

  • Seldon Core v2 runtime support added

    • Additional features extending all current functionality

      • Multi-model serving

      • Model over commit

  • Updated and improved UI

  • Usage monitoring updated

    • Based on Max model count

  • Model catalogue updated for

    • Drift detectors

    • Outlier detectors

    • Metric servers

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.6.1

18 January 2023

What’s New

  • Option to specify reference data forwarder image in the Helm charts

  • GitOps support for git protocol multi-ACKs, required for providers like Azure DevOps

Bug fixes

  • Fix for disabling runtime metadata in the Helm charts

  • Fix for UI when displaying and syncing deployment state for GitOps managed deployments

  • For for server continuing startup without keycloak when there is an OIDC authentication error

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.6.0

16 August 2022

What’s New

  • UI theme and dashboard update

  • Model based usage tracking

  • Model catalog updated with explainer artifacts

  • Structured logging for Enterprise Platform server

  • Groups and Users can be configured from within Enterprise Platform, when using Keycloak

  • Huggingface runtime support

  • Feature level drift detection and highlighted insights

  • Explanations dashboard improvements

  • Request logging performance improvements with bulk updates

  • Experimental Kafka support for payload logging

Bug fixes

  • Fix for explanations not being reproducible

  • Fix for incorrect payload logs from models with overlapping names in same namespace

  • Fix for incorrect default anchor threshold in explanations UI

  • Fix for UI temporarily showing created deployments in wrong namespace

  • Fix for UI not allowing the removal of filters on feature distributions view

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.5.1

16 May 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fix for a UI regression bug affecting imagePullSecrets

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.5.0

25 March 2022

Breaking Changes

  • Bucket secrets will NOT be usable from UI by default until they are labelled correctly, see upgrading

  • Default MinIO secret name has changed, see upgrading

  • Use of Istio policies requires appropriate JWTs/policy setup

  • Support for KFServing now behind feature flag

  • For the feature distributions functionality the request logs will have to be re-indexed, see upgrading

What’s New

  • Secrets for bucket access and private Docker registries can now be managed directly in Deploy

  • Various improvements around error reporting, including:

    • InitContainer logs are now accessible for both the deployment and explainer when a Seldon Core deployment is not in the “Ready” status

    • Correctly report the status of advanced monitoring components while they are still being created

    • Deployments that fail to initialise correctly will report “Failed” status rather than perpetual “Creating”

  • Node level logging for Seldon Graph components

  • Ansible install for Seldon Enterprise Platform as reference

  • Added reference configurations for production installations of Deploy

  • Automatic management of Istio policies for direct model access to Seldon Core deployments, continuously synchronised with Deploy’s authorization policies

  • Authentication of seldon-core requests

  • Improved outlier detection dashboard performance

  • Request payload display improved for categorical features

  • Added support for partial string matching in model metadata queries, using % operator

  • Make Elasticsearch logs index patterns configurable

  • Improved drift detection dashboard and metrics monitoring

Bug fixes

  • Fix for model resource usage metrics not displaying correctly

  • Fix for explanation page crash upon zero anchor examples

  • Fix for drift detection chart having incorrect timestamp grid-lines

  • Fix for batch processing URI becoming malformed with duplicate “/” characters

  • Fix for returned namespaces list not being deterministic, now returned alphabetically

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.4.1

11 November 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fix for missing Detectors API parameters in swagger spec

  • Fix for missing Detectors API parameters in Seldon Enterprise Platform SDK

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.4.0

18 October 2021

What’s New

  • Alerting framework with ability to notify external providers (Pagerduty/Opsgenie/etc) of problems with Deploy/Models

  • API endpoints for managing OPA based policies

  • Feature distributions comparisons against reference data

  • Optional audit logging on every request to Seldon Enterprise Platform with configurable storage setup

  • Micro-batching functionality added to batch processor

  • Drift detection metrics storage and improved monitoring dashboard

  • Auth code flow added for authentication using Seldon Enterprise Platform SDK

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Request Logger auth problem

  • Fix for Detector (Outlier, Drift, Metrics) Trigger filtering issue

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.3.0

9 July 2021

What’s New

  • Feature Distributions Monitoring

  • Policy Based Authorization (experimental)

  • Deploying Models from Model Catalog

  • Advanced query functionality for Model Metadata

  • Prediction Schema support for Model Metadata

  • Extended support for storage buckets using Rclone

  • KFServing V2 protocol based explanations

  • Env secret configuration for Seldon Deployments

  • Support for client credentials grant auth using Seldon Enterprise Platform SDK

Bug fixes

  • Fix for resource monitoring charts being duplicated for transformers and model containers

  • Fix for invalid path when sending requests to MLServer deployments

  • Fix for 50/50 canary traffic split causing Promote/Remove buttons to disappear

  • Fix for long user group list causing overflow on About page

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.2.1

3 June 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fix for higher than expected CPU load when Model Catalog is enabled.

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.2.0

26 April 2021

Breaking Changes

  • Moving detectors to user namespace (see upgrading)

What’s New

  • Model metadata store and catalog

  • Seldon Enterprise Platform server prometheus metrics

  • Secrets for detector components

  • Improved Gitops for kubernetes 1.18+

  • Improved Triton support in wizard

  • Oauth2 debugging documentation and testing tools

Bug fixes

  • Fix for unexpected logout for group-restricted namespace

  • Fix for SeldonDeployment without componentSpecs section not accessible in UI

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.1.2

17 March 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fix for outlier, drift and metrics server artefacts not being accessible from private buckets.

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.1.0

10 February 2021

What’s New

  • Updated UI design

  • Added both parameters and environment vars in wizard

  • Added configurable runAsUser for detector components

  • Added basic auth Elasticsearch creds

  • Added active OpenAPI docs

  • Added ability for not having to use clusterwide access

Bug fixes

  • Fix for using input/output transformers

  • Fix for needing ID Token Hint to the OIDC logout request

Seldon Enterprise Platform 1.0.0

27 November 2020

Breaking Changes

  • Changes to the configuration (see upgrading)

What’s New

  • Drift detection analytics

  • Batch inference processing

  • Image explanations for Alibi explainer

  • Seldon Core version 1.5.0 support

  • kfserving version 0.4.1 support

  • Kubeflow version 1.2 support

  • OAuth annotations to Swagger spec

  • Multitenancy support

Bug fixes

  • Fix for metrics graph problems on Firefox

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.9.0

6 November 2020

Breaking Changes

  • Seldon Enterprise Platform now requires activation with a valid licence

What’s New

  • Usage Monitoring for user deployments

  • Improved Outlier secrets handling

  • Support for new versions of Istio and Knative

  • Support for Seldon Core v1.4.0

  • Data science metrics monitoring

  • Improved outlier detection chart

Bug fixes

  • Fix for not being able to filter predictor field for resource monitoring queries

  • Fix for KFServing crd validation failures

  • Fix for Prometheus disk storage issues

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.8.2

23 October 2020

Bug fixes

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.8.1

28 September 2020

What’s New

  • Added secure flag for auth cookies on the browser

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect CPU/Memory metrics for additional predictors

  • Supporting modified content-type headers behind reverse proxies

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.8.0

8 September 2020

Breaking Changes

  • The sd-install script is now called sd-install-default. Or for a kubeflow install there’s sd-install-kubeflow.

  • There are also Helm chart values file changes. See upgrading section.

What’s New

  • Option to use SSH for git credentials via secret (see upgrading)

  • New navigation sidebar

  • Adding resource parameter option for token exchange to support ADFS/azure auth

  • Adding resource_urn to auth code url

  • Expose req logger replicas

  • Adding theme customization for deploy UI (whitelabelling support)

  • Reorganising sd install scripts

  • Add mldeployments tag description to API spec

  • Adding auth check for websocket events

  • Adding logging to auth flow

  • Updating seldon-core dependency to v1.2.3

  • Updating swagger docs urls

  • Add optional loadbalancersourceranges to helm chart

  • Upgrading kfserving to v0.4.0 in default setup

  • Adding support for SSH Key Access for Gitops

Bug fixes

  • Adding Fluentd labels to inferenceservice deployments for logs

  • Filtering websocket data in context and updating namespaces selection

  • Avoid user needing global git config

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.7.0

7 July 2020

Breaking Changes

  • There are some helm chart values file changes. See upgrading section.

What’s New

  • Support for openshift.

  • Configurable request forms for installs with different cluster/ingress types (e.g. openshift).

  • Remove/change file functionality during payload upload.

  • Primary Request Logger in seldon-logs namespace.

Bug fixes

  • Knative prometheus port conflict fixed.

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.6.2

24 June 2020

Bug fixes

  • App level auth redirect issue

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.6.1

27 May 2020

Bug fixes

  • Limit on auth cookie size

  • Support token-based Elasticsearch auth

  • Restructuring application paths and in-app navigation

  • Install fails if kubeflow user and password missing

  • Issue with env variables missing on canary promotion

  • Resources prometheus can be different from requests prometheus

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.6.0

22 April 2020

Breaking Changes

  • New request logging update

  • New gitops repository folder structure

What’s New

  • Outlier Detection Configuration and Monitoring

  • App-level authentication with OIDC

  • Tensorflow protocol for Seldon deployments

  • MLFlow pre-packaged server in the deployment wizard

  • Kubernetes pods and logging

  • Displaying sync status for gitops namespaces

  • New requests and resources monitoring dashboard

  • Bitbucket support for gitops

Bug fixes

  • Infinite loading if no valid labeled namespace was found

  • No deployments were displayed if at least one was faulty

Seldon Enterprise Platform 0.5.2

17 March 2020

Bug fixes

  • Browser timezone fix