Ingress Controller


Any ingress controller except Istio will limit you to Core v2 functionality.

Documentation is currently provided for the following ingress controllers:

Core v1 features will not work without Istio.

The NGINX ingress controller in this documentation is used as an example for any alternative ingress controller that you might use.

Core v1 uses Istio since it is reliant on a service mesh for traffic splitting capabilities and also makes use of Knative for drift and outlier detectors and for inference event logging.

Core v2 is by design service mesh-agnostic and as a result you can choose any ingress controller you want. Core v2 has multi-model serving and overcommit functionality and uses Kafka as a message queue for data-centric pipelines.

Ingress Controller Comparison

Ingress controller



- Service mesh with advanced capabilities for traffic management.
- Required for effective use of Core v1.
- Automatic configuration of ingress routes for Core v1 deployments.
- Ability to authorize Core v1 deployments.
- Traffic management for rollout strategies, drift and outlier detection, and inference data logging for Core v1.


- Flexible, performant ingress controller.
- Simple, lightweight installation without additional CRDs.
- One of the most popular ingress controllers for Kubernetes.


- Support for HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 (gRPC) traffic.
- Support for TLS for HTTPS and gRPCS.
- Support for ingress routes for ML deployments.